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 [SIZE=5]3.XX OE XMB Customization Guide[/SIZE]

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PostSubject: [SIZE=5]3.XX OE XMB Customization Guide[/SIZE]   Tue Dec 01, 2009 5:46 am

Caution: There is a Slight chance of bricking! I am not responsible for anyone bricking and or further damaging their PSP!

Table of Contents

I. XMB Terms
II.Basic Info
III. PSP flashing Tutorial
IV. 3.30 & 3.40 OE Info

I. XMB Terms

1.XMB - The main menu of the PSP.
2. system_plugin.rco - Click sounds when you scroll
3. photo_plugin.rco - photo loading icon & folders
3. game_plugin.rco - game loading icons & currupted icon
4. savedata_plugin.rco - Savedata loading icon
5. system_plugin_fg.rco - Battery icon
6. impose_plugin.rco - Volume Bar
7. opening_plugin.rco - start up sounds/word/bootwave (when you turn your PSP on)
8. gameboot.pmf - short video clip when you start a game & hombrew app
9. 1-12.bmp - Month theme colors
10. system_plugin_bg.rco - Backgroung Waves
11. topmenu_plugin.rco - Menu Icons (photo, Music, Game, Video, Setup, Network)
12. Bootwave - opening wave (also when you turn on your PSP)
13. ltn0.pgf - This is the font that displays only on the XMB and Web browser (not in a UMD)

WARNING: If you flash a customization not supported by your firmware you will half-brick.

Notice- 3.03 OE-C or Lower: All XMB customizations work
3.10: All BUT ICONS work (you must convert them to work).
3.30 OE-A and higher:Everything and more! (must convert old 3.03 icons to work 3.30 or 3.40 format)

II. Basic Info

Saving flash0 space:

Sometimes custom files flashed to your PSP will not work. A reason for this could be that you have used up your flash space. The files below can safely be deleted but make sure to keep a backup of them. More on accessing these files can be found in Section II.

The following can be edited and have no noticeable difference.
flash0:/font/gb3s1518.bwfon can be replaced with a ltn0.pgf - 1,000KB Gain

Note:To do so take a copy of an original ltn0.pgf, rename it to gb3s1518.bwfon and place in flash0:/font/

The following can be edited but has some noticeable affect.
flash0:/font/jpn0.pgf can also be replaced with a ltn0.pgf - 1,545KB Gain
However the following will be missing

- Arrows at the bottom of xmb "agreement" screens are blank
- Some "tm" signs are blank
- DNAS icon while authenticating is blank.
- Arrow to the right of the On Screen Keyboard is missing.
The following will disable certain features if deleted:
flash0:/vsh/resource/camera_plugin.rco - Gains you 168KB
flash0:/vsh/nodule/camera_plugin.prx - Gains you 77KB

flash0:/vsh/nodule/update_plugin.prx - 20KB Gain
flash0:/vsh/resource/update_plugin.rco - 13KB Gain

Applications to make you own customizations

Currently there is a good variety of applications you can use to make you own personalized customizations.

TgaWave 1.10 - Created by vb_master
TgaWave is an application that allows a user to create a custom wave using a TGA image.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

RCO Icon Editor v1.12b - Created by ZiNgA BuRgA
The RCO Icon Editor allows users to change almost any RCO that can be found on the PSP's flash.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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[SIZE=5]3.XX OE XMB Customization Guide[/SIZE]
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