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 Pandora's Battey

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PostSubject: Pandora's Battey   Tue Dec 01, 2009 6:14 am

If you only have one battery and want to unbrick your PSP, you can.

1) Convert your battery into a jigkick one using "Pandora's Battery Creator", but before you press X, press TRIANGLE to backup your battery's EEPROM to ms0:/eeprom.bin
2) Unbrick your PSP as normal
3) When you are done unbricking, take out the battery and the magic memory stick. Start up the PSP using the AC adaptor (do not try to use a USB charger, it will not start up)
4) Insert the magic memory stick and the magic battery
5) Run "Pandora's Battery Creator" again
6) Press L+R to restore the ms0:/eeprom.bin to your battery

NOTE: You can also restore a battery without having made a backup, by pressing SQUARE at step 6. This will generate a fake serial for your battery (0x12345678) which allows it to work normally, but there could be side-effects.

Have fun, and thanks to everyone in the Prometheus/C+D team.

1) Use mspformat.exe from the Pandora's Folder to format the Memory Stick.

*Open any folder, From the upper menu select Tools-->Folder Options...-->View-->unmark "Hide Extensions for known File Types"--> Apply an then OK.

*Then Copy the "mspformat.exe" from the mspformat folder inside the Padora's Folder to [My Computer/C:]

*Now Open up "Run" from your PC and type in "cmd" and a Black Window should pop up.

*In the Black Window, type in cd c:\ and then hit enter. This should appear, C:\>

*type mspformat.exe YourPSPDriveLetter (example: since mines is letter M, it will look like this, mspformat.exe m)

*Type in Y and hit ENTER. FORMAT COMPLETED... (if you see any files that still exist inside your MS, Delete them manually)

2) Remove the Memory Stick and disable the USB connection.
3) Re-Connect the Memory Stick again via the USB connection of the PSP.
4) Install files using the installer!
5) Remove the Memory Stick and disable the USB connection.
6) Reinsert the memory stick and run the app "battery creator" on the psp.
7) Save Eeprom (the app will close)...Re-open the app and press x to convert battery.
Cool You've got yourself magic memory stick + jigkick!
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Pandora's Battey
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